Transform 360 is a set of processes and applications to help deliver business transformation and projects.  Transform 360 makes it easier to get the business outcomes you want.

A little backgroundWhy we designed Transform 360

You’d think that business transformation or project delivery would be simple. Just decide where you want to get to and plot a course from where you are now.

But transformation and other projects seldom deliver what is expected of them.

Things get complicated, deadlines get missed, costs overrun, project management becomes all-consuming. And losing focus on the real business outcomes is common.

So we designed Transform 360 to help organisations do the things needed for success – quickly and easily.


An introduction to

Transform 360

Helping you deliver success

Making complex things simple is at the heart of Transform 360.  Designed by practitioners, Transform 360 focuses on the things that matter for success. Making things easier for everyone.



Transform 360's integrated applications cover all critical areas: dashboards, planning, outcomes/project/risks management, finance, and skills and training.



The methodologies in Transform 360 underpin global transformation standards - transformation methodologies developed by CS Transform and used around the world.

Not just for project teams

Built for everyone in the business

Project director

See the health of your project at a glance and everything that’s going on – in detail. Build your own delivery plan or delegate to others inside a structured framework.

Business owner

See whether you are getting the business outcomes you need, when you need them and at the cost you expect.

Project team

Manage all of your deliverables from the teams and suppliers working on your project. See potential problems before they become actual problems. Focus on delivery, while Transform 360 does all the reporting for you.

Purchasing team

See the health of the supply chain on your project at a glance.  Drill down into production and delivery details.  Know about issues before they become problems.

Finance team

Track all budgets and expenditure across the project – regardless of how complex your finances are. Always know what money is available and what has been spent.

HR team

See the skills and competencies of everyone in the project.  Keep track of training and assessments, so that the right human capability is in the right place at the right time.


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